About the CDT Approach

At CogniLibro, we take your outliers and use them as the benchmark to shift your bellcurve to the right. Employees no longer simply add value with their skills and competences: they also add value with how they make decisions on the job. This requires more complex thinking in a more complex and connected world: a more dynamic approach to development. We use the latest psychology research to be a Vertical Development enabler!

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What makes the difference in an organisation requiring high level, long-lasting decision making? It’s one’s cognitive capacity to make that decision. To see what is not seen and to join the dots others are not joining. Using a range of bespoke tools, we can show your high performing teams how to do this more effectively to ensure vertical development.

Ways to Vertical Development

We have a number of ways we can interact with your teams and individuals to grow their thinking vertically. We have a unique way of determining your high flyers.

Cognitive Intention Awareness

First we must determine which Cognitive Intentions we use the most.

CI Intervention

Once we know which CI’s we use, we can offer an intervention to promote vertical development.

Thinking Quotient

We use the TQ scale to measure our Cognitive Intention awareness before and after our development.

Developmental Dialogue

At the level we are aiming this approach, it is about a developmental dialogue, not simply business coaching.

A Bespoke Team of Constructed Development Psychologists

Look at each picture of me. How do you construct me based on each? How does your construction differ for each? Is any of them true? How are you constructing you right now?

Group Development is Key

We can work with six to twelve of your highest performers in a room for a week and actually demonstrate vertical development using a bespoke approach to your particular industry. Prior preparation for your requirements to tailor our programme to your needs, and then we begin the development process!

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