Darren Stevens

Specialisation: CDT Psychologist
Phone: (+44) 07384 728299


I was a late bloomer by all accounts. It has taken me until I am nearly 50 years of age to develop my theory and run it through the process of a PhD to cement it in the annals of history. The good news is: the theory works!

I have experience with SME’s delivering vertical development workshops as well as individual mentoring. I use my theory as the basis for both. I have also been applying my theory to post-graduate students at a London-based university for the last 5 years. Their involvement has been instrumental in the moulding of the ideas behind Constructed Development.

Constructed Development Theory separates itself from the existing literature in stage development and stage transition by offering a ‘thing’ to change that creates growth. By allowing an adult to focus on their thinking construction, we enter the new realm of Adult Metacognition. This was my contribution to psychology and the list below are some factors within CDT that emerged from my research.

  • Adult Metacognition
  • Zone of Dynamic Development
  • Cognitive Intentions
  • Thinking Styles
  • The Thinking Quotient
  • The Developmental Iceberg
  • The Dynamic Intelligence Awareness Model
  • The Four Pillars of CDT
  • The Constructed Development Grid
  • Emotional Intelligence is subsumed under Dynamic Intelligence



PhD Coventry University


I attained my Doctoral Degree from Coventry University in 2020 after 3.5 years of hard work, including quantitative and qualitative studies that supported my hypothesis, culminating in the new Constructed Development Theory.


Masters in Behavioural Psychology


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BSc (Hons) Psychology


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Emotional Stability

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