What is the most valued skill employers are looking for? Problem-solving, collaboration, customer service, and communication! If you are an employer, you are as likely to select candidates for their adaptability, culture fit, and growth potential as for in-demand technical skills. So why not develop your existing employees vertically so they can make qualitatively better decisions today?

In order to cope in more complex times, in a more connected world, we need more complex thinking in our leadership. A more Dynamically Intelligent approach to development. This is what CogniLibro is all about!


Workshops and More

What makes the difference in an organisation requiring high level, long-lasting decision making? It’s one’s cognitive capacity to make that decision. To see what is not seen and to join the dots others are not joining. Using a range of bespoke tools, we can show your high performing teams how to do this more effectively to ensure vertical development.

Ways to Vertical Development

We have a number of ways we interact with your teams and individuals to grow their thinking vertically. We have a unique way of determining your high flyers and establishing pathways to Vertical Development via CDT.

Constructed Development Theory

The philosophical and practical elements of CDT form the foundation for discussion and intervention initially. Consider our approach to be a more holistic one, incorporating the individual differences and how they impact the bigger system.

Dynamic Intelligence

Cognitive Intentions are shortcuts in our thinking that we have habituated over time. The relationship between them is key to our self-awareness as it determines how much of our thinking and responding is at choice. This process is called Dynamic Intelligence.

Thinking Quotient

The Thinking Quotient is the tool developed to measure your level of Dynamic Intelligence. It is unique in its output, and the most useful tool on the market to springboard Adult Development.

Developmental Dialogue

This approach takes Vertical Development beyond the over-worked remit of executive coaching or standard training programmes and instead offers the tools for increased complexity, which impacts individuals, teams, organisations and culture.

A Bespoke Team of Constructed Development Psychologists

We are very priviledged at CogniLibro to be collecting a growing number of experts in the field of adult development, each bringing their own area of expertise with them. Check out our team here.

Group Development is Key

We can work with six to twelve of your highest performers in a room for a week and actually demonstrate vertical development using a bespoke approach to your particular industry. Prior preparation for your requirements to tailor our programme to your needs, and then we begin the development process!

What Our Clients Say

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