What is our WHY?

We exist to take your movers and shakers to the next level using the very latest in psychological theories on growth.

Our main aim is to bring an element of complexity to the thinking behind your business, because how you think about it is more important than what you think.

Why are We Solving this Problem?

With over 20 years’ experience in executive coaching, business development and programme development, we have seen a lot of “experts” sell their wares for what is essentially a repackaged product with nothing new to add to the arena.

We want to address this directly and solve the problem of “no new knowledge” by introducing our clients to the only way to grow – Vertically!

Who are we?

Cogni is Latin for brain. Libro is Latin for balance. It’s that simple!

We use Constructed Developmental Psychology with senior executive and high performance teams to enable more effective strategy execution, change management, leadership and talent development. Our powerful approach strengthens leaders’ and organisational capabilities through transformational learning and meta-systemic thinking.

We present new ways for executives to reflect on who they are as leaders, how they relate to and impact others, and how to challenge their organisation to reach new levels of excellence. Our clients become dedicated to more effective leadership through personal and professional transformation. Clients report feeling that they have expanded their thinking to new dimensions, leading to a greater capacity to manage complexity, embrace challenges and improve relationships with their teams.

Our developmental ideas take a ‘whole-person-in-role’ approach to leadership development using the Constructed Development Theory as a guide for senior executives to become more self-aware thinkers and experience transformational change on a personal as well as professional level.

Our Partners

We work with Universities and Businesses to grow their thinking. What is the difference between a business and a university? The Construction of their thinking in their context!

Manchester Metropolitan University


Coventry University London


Wilby Group


Walero Clothing