AQ Workshop

Do you want your clients to make the most of their profiles? Would you like to really accelerate their development? Hidden within each Identity Compass profile is a measure of your client’s self awareness. A measure that you can use to take them to the next stage.

In this workshop you will learn why the IC is a much more powerful tool than we were originally taught, and how knowing this will impact your client’s growth.

Using the doctoral research of Dr Darren Stevens, he will show you how we can use the IC to gain a benchmark score of your client’s construction of self from which we use interventions to actually grow their cognitive complexity based on the ideas behind Constructed Development Theory.

So, whether you are a recruitment specialist, Business Consultant or Executive Coach, the Awareness Quotient offers a more profound process for developing how clients think and behave via Intention, Awareness, Choice and Response®.

But equally importantly, your Identity Compass expertise will grow as a result of this workshop! Finally, if you have attended a previous workshop, you can attend any future workshops absolutely free! Just email Dr Stevens to let him know.

Why Become an AQ Qualified Consultant

  • Only licensed consultants get the AQ extension to the Identity Compass Profile and are able to apply the Awareness Quotient®
  • You will have your own page updated to reflect your AQ expertise on the Identity Compass website.
  • A network of AQ consultants for collaboration, sharing experiences, discussing the improvement of the theory, and more!

Your Benefit as a Thinking Quotient Consultant

  • You receive a unique tool, which measures Thinking Styles, Dynamic Intelligence, thinking structure and motivation.
  • You benefit from an increase in complexity and growth in cognitive capacity.
  • You will be trained in the unique AQ coaching approach
  • You can offer new business services for Developmental Coaching
  • You can do team contrasts to determine upward or downward divisions (USP)
  • You can use existing AQ profiles for team contrasts to demonstrate Vertical Development
  • AQ scoring is automated, once you have been through the training

You will learn to:

  • Recognise Cognitive Intentions, and their impact both individually and collectively
  • Recognise Thinking Styles
  • Find the appropriate CI for each role or person
  • Create job descriptions using CI’s and AQ stages
  • Diagnose developmental problems within teams and introduce Vertical solutions
  • Design ideal teams from a Constructed
  • Development Theory perspective
  • Apply the AQ results in CDT coaching and training
  • Utilise results in Change Management
  • Identify interesting combinations, like e.g. the different kinds of dominance
  • Recognise problematic patterns (e.g. burnout, self-sabotage etc.) and how to deal with them
  • Identify the working climate and the engagement within an organisation
  • Read organisational cultures
  • Updates and extensions can be installed automatically

Terms & Conditions

The Investment for the licensing workshops as CDT Consultant is payable before the start date of the workshop to the account for the CDT Developer. To ensure maximum learning we limit the number of participants to 20 in any workshop. A deposit of €100 is due upon signup. The order of the participants is judged by the date of receipt of this amount. We guarantee that if for any reason we need to change our plans, we will fully refund your money. In case of cancellation by the participant, there is a €100 cancellation fee.

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