The Awareness Quotient

The Awareness Quotient™ is a measure of your Dynamic Intelligence, which is Intention, Awareness, Choice and Response™. It is based on the PhD research of Dr Darren Stevens and it measures how you emotionally and cognitively react in the moment from either a position of habit or awareness. The more self-aware you are, the greater your capacity to think and respond in the moment, and thus the greater range in your capability.In the future, it is hoped that perhaps "competence" will be known by another name: Dynamic Intelligence!

Constructed Development Theory is about how aware we are of how and why we think in a particular way, not what we think. It measures our “epistemic stance”, which is to say that it brings to awareness those unconscious patterns we do not know are directing our thinking and behaving. To map this to existing psychological theories, we are talking about meta-cognition and personal construct psychology, as well as stage development.

However, by invoking the four pillars of CDT (IACR) we ground this new theory in psychology, and move it beyond the theories mentioned by virtue of the capacity of the Awareness Quotient to be the measure of self-awareness for the client. As you consider these points now, think about how useful it will be to be more aware of how you construct "You" in the moment, and how important it is to be able to choose to construct yourself differently.

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List of Awareness Quotient Consultants:

Consultant Web Site Country
Dr Darren Stevens Contact Darren England

H. Arne Maus Germany
Barbara Walther Country
Bas Licher Holland
Britt Eva Mauseth COMING SOON Norway
Dennis Rasch-Olsen Norway
Germaine Rediger Germany
Glenn van den Berg Holland
Henk Wim Lijftogt Holland
Jacques Lacroix Spain
Jorge Bicho httP:// Portugal
Joseph Scott Australia
Jürgen Wulff Germany
Leo Hermanto Country
Maja Sedello Germany
Mariana Ng Indonesia
Matthew Denyer England
Richard Brunner Germany
Sanja Pesic COMING SOON Country
Sean Ellis England
Timo Katajamaa Finland
Tuula Mikkola Finland
This is a brief description of the AQ stages of self-awareness, and how complex our thinking is at each stage. If you have any questions, our email is below.


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