Unconscious Bias

In social identity theory, an unconscious bias, is the pre-reflective attribution of particular qualities by an individual to a member of a social group to which they do not belong and for which they have illogical criteria for that belonging. It's called "in-groups" and "out-groups" in psychology terms, and what the unconscious bias trainers will not tell you is that we all do it, almost all the time. It's an evolutionary process.

However, at some point, we want our intellect to override our natural tendencies and to take the logical step of saying to our unconscious judgment that obviously, not ALL [insert criterion here] are the same! In other words, if you stereotype me, you negate me!

The best way to reduce unconscious biases is to become aware of them. Essentially, an unconscious bias is a low Dynamic Intelligence perspective. However, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that unconscious bias training doesn't actually work other than to raise awareness. This means that it doesn't actually change one's behaviour.

We can help remove this bias by fixing your hiring process. By using the Identity Compass profile tool at the pre-selection stage, we can determine how your new hires construct their thinking and how aware they are of their construction. For existing employees, it's about raising their Awareness of their construction of their own thinking. The benefits of this will become apparent in our first meeting.

In reality, the only diversity that matters is Cognitive Diversity. Understanding this will allow you to consider sex, gender, class, culture, ethnicity and more, as functional facets of how we construct our thinking as individuals, and each construction can be measured for bias!

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