Getting People Right

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H. Arne Maus and Dr Stevens explain in this book the building blocks of thinking and how to understand people in a better way. Learn why people do what they do. Learn the difference between managers and leaders and how the profiles required for each of these roles may be identified. In addition, Arne Maus shows the influence of Cognitive Intentions in professional situations and how much you gain by taking them into account when hiring. The aim is to find the right person for the right job - this increases the efficiency of the workplace and at the same time the job satisfaction in the corporate cultures - be it at the level of the company, the department or the team.

You will learn the difference between motivation and engagement. This book shows why motivation is not enough. Today, we can measure engagement within an organisation and demonstrate the kind of productivity it leads to. In this way, we also show the leverage points for improving engagement and productivity.

    The author is the developer of the Identity CompassĀ® system, and in his work, he has set his focus on measuring Cognitive Intentions. By identifying these unconscious preferences, whether they are those of managers, leaders, employees or even customers, a company can discover new ways to measure motivating and de-motivating factors in the working environment and to create ideal working conditions for employees. Not only will this increase workplace efficiency, it will also enable the company to find intelligent ways to reduce personnel costs.

    This book will also support coaches and trainers as they provide their clients and participants with more intensive and more effective guidance toward lasting success.

In CDT terms, the list below is a simple descriptor of how aware an individual is of their capacity to construct their thinking in the moment.

  • AQ5 - Self-Unaware - What happens when this person runs a business?
  • AQ6 - Cultural Unaware
  • AQ7 - Cultural Aware - How is it different to this person? Is culture more important to this leader?
  • AQ8 - Self-Aware - What does a business look like when the leader is capable of constructing herself at will? Is it a positive experience for her colleagues?
  • AQ9 - Self-Constructing - Is this person really running things or is he thinking about global issues and his legacy?
  • AQ10 - Construct Aware - No one is at this level. But it would be great to meet a leader who is close.

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