Three Leaders Programme

Make qualitatively better decisions for the benefit of your team and business

We create bespoke Vertical Development programmes that actually develop your leaders’ thinking! Using the CDT framework, we can take a team of your top performers and stretch their thinking to the next level. We have two programmes: a 2-day and a 5-day programme that differentiates content from structure from a Cognitive Intention perspective, as it is not about competence but our level of self-awareness that determines how high up the organisation we can go.

We have created these two programmes in order to walk our participants up the slope of Vertical Development. They demonstrate not only what, but how one grows in their thinking within an organisational context, regardless of the size of the organisation. True development is about transforming the operating system itself, not just increasing our fund of knowledge or our behavioural repertoire.

The premise behind The Three Leaders Programme is that your leadership or high level managers are exposed to three different levels of deconstructing the given scenarios, three ways of looking at a specific problem from three distinct levels of Dynamic Intelligence – AQ5; AQ7 and AQ9, and we grow by virtue of our exposure to the process of constructing at each stage.

If you would like to know more about the Leadership Levels that emerge from Constructed Development Theory, click here. Otherwise, here is a brief list for your information. The labels mean nothing in any theory you might read. In CDT terms, it is a simple descriptor of how aware an individual is of their capacity to construct their thinking in the moment.

  • AQ5 - Self-Unaware - What happens when this person runs a business?
  • AQ6 - Cultural Unaware
  • AQ7 - Cultural Aware - How is it different to this person? Is culture more important to this leader?
  • AQ8 - Self-Aware - What does a business look like when the leader is capable of constructing herself at will? Is it a positive experience for her colleagues?
  • AQ9 - Self-Constructing - Is this person really running things or is he thinking about global issues and his legacy?
  • AQ10 - Construct Aware - No one is at this level. But it would be great to meet a leader who is close.

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