Coaching 2.0

The Coaching 2.0 framework uses IACR as the basis for understanding how the client constructs their thinking. We start with their construction of self regardless of what problem they are trying to solve. As an MCO, what are we listening for? We are listening for the client’s unconscious Intention, level of Awareness, resultant limited Choices and finally how they habitually Respond. In essence: how the client’s habituated thinking style impacts their construction of and ability to solve their problem. No other system uses CDT, the the AQ and Dynamic Intelligence as the foundation for their coaching approach.

Coaching 2.0

Using the Coaching 2.0 framework that emerged from CDT, the CD Coach knows that although the client might present with a problem of utility or agency, it is actually a problem of construction that limits their forward momentum. Click below for the solution.

Executive Coaching

The problem for executives and high level individuals is meeting a coach who is actually capable of coaching you. Other systems assume a few processes or foundations in coaching theory will suffice. It will not. The CDC system has this covered.

Coach Supervision

Are you of the opinion that coaching needs greater regulation, yet a suitable framework remains out of reach for organisations to grasp? CogniLibro has solved this problem.

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching is a minefield of charlatans and incompetence, where anyone with a weekend certificate can pretend to be a coach. CogniLibro intends to address this issue head on!

It's not the same...

We start from the premise that HOW you construct you is the most fundamental problem for coaching. And build up your Intention, Awareness, Choice and Response from there. No other system offers this level of clarity in your thinking and behaving.

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