What is Coaching 2.0?

Coaching 2.0 is a radically new way of framing the Coach / Client relationship. Here is how we do it:

From the research by Dr Stevens, we know that a client’s world is a product of their unconscious construction. Stevens demonstrated that individuals are not aware that they construct their world (environment, culture and so on), and at the lower levels of the Awareness Quotient, individuals are not aware that they CAN construct their thinking. A typical 3rd Generation coaching idiom suggests we allow the things we hear our clients say, or the things they do influence the way we think as coaches. However, Constructed Development Theory shows that this is not possible. In fact, it is the wrong angle of approach entirely when observing the coaching relationship from a developmental perspective.

The three generations of coaching in the marketplace right now ensures the coach creates a relationship with the client, an emotional connection in some cases. We think this is the wrong approach, as Stevens showed that in order to be a high level thinker (and thus a high level coach) one must move through emotion into cognition. The key here is not that a coach is or is not emotional: it is that they are capable of choosing either position in the moment. And thus we have the foundational principle of an entirely new coaching paradigm: Coaching 2.0!

Coaching 2.0 illustrates the point that there is a difference between relating and relationships. Where traditional coaching emphasises a relationship, Coaching 2.0 emphasises a more relating perspective. This is only possible when the coach is capable of seeing the patterns of the client. They are essentially an MCO - More Complex Other.

This is a much more ethical way of coaching as it ensures the client only ever sees a coach capable of seeing their patterns and thus in a position to offer vertical development. No other coaching framework offers this.

This is why this new approach has been called Coaching 2.0!

We are listening for the client’s unconscious Intention, level of Awareness, resultant limited Choices and finally how they habitually Respond. For a more detailed explanation of this brand new coaching framework, contact Dr Stevens today. Also, please read a published article on Coaching 2.0 here.

Coaching 2.0 workshops

We run workshops on how to introduce Coaching 2.0 into your coaching services, so if you are interested to learn more about this new approach, and take your own level of expertise even higher, get in touch now and join our next workshop!

We use the Identity Compass profile tool. It is the best at deconstructing your construction of self.

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