Executive Coaching

Constructed Developmental Coaching is different from traditional coaching. As an executive, you need your thinking questioned, not your decision-making second-guessed by less experienced coaches. CDC radically changes how we think about Coaching as it ensures the suitability of the coach for the client using CDT as the framework. This is a much more ethical approach to the Coach/Client relationship. This is how we know we can help you and your team develop qualitatively better decision-making habits to improve your business.

This is not a system that is applied to the client, as is often the case, but one that is pulled from the client in order to tease out their construction of self, in a Real-Time Modelling approach. In this way, we move away from the ideas of coaches and therapists entirely, towards a more Interventionist approach. A lot of coaches are stuck in their need for a framework, as they cannot coach you without one (e.g. GROW).

The problem is often not the problem the client presents with. A CD Coach will work with your construction of self in context to get to the actual route of the problem. Get in touch today to learn about our unique approach to your development.


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