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CogniLibro is a place for Vertical Development, not for standard coaching practices, such as 1st, 2nd and 3rd Generation coaching. We don't use tools such as the GROW model, as they are not useful once you understand Constructed Development Theory.

Instead, we begin your coaching journey with an Awareness Quotient profile in order to deconstruct your thinking into your unique combination of 50 Cognitive Intentions to determine your habituated Thinking Style, as these lead to your habituated behaviours. It is these behaviours that propel you to seek out a coach, but they are not the starting point for your development!

When you think about your thinking right now, how are you constructing “you”? What is your Intention? How Aware are you of your Intention in the moment? Does this Awareness offer you Choices in your Responses, or are you simply acting out of habit?

Using the brand new Coaching 2.0 framework from Constructed Development Theory, we know that a client seldom presents with a problem that is what they think it is: one of either utility or agency. Instead, we address the way the client constructs their thinking, as their level of Dynamic Intelligence is the limit at which they can construct the problem. From here, we uncover their construction, and work to increase their IACR.

When we eventually circle back to the initial problem, we often find that it has changed by virtue of our client's higher Dynamic Intelligence, which means they are now constructing the problem differently. In most cases, Vertical Development in their thinking construction means the problem is not seen as a problem any more, as the client is more able to recognise the dialectic, for example.

If this new approach intrigues you, get in touch today and join the 25 Coaching 2.0 practitioners around the world using this framework in their every day businesses. Come and experience our radically different approach to Vertical Development - Coaching 2.0!

If you don't know how you construct "you", how are you to know your potential?

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