Coach 2.0 Supervision

As a professional coach, or a professional who uses or commissions coaching, have you considered the potential that Coaching will eventually need to operate to a minimum standard? Have you noticed that some coaches seem to have something “more about them” than others?

If Coaching is an industry that needs regulation in your opinion, then how do we measure fitness purpose: by efficacy, by cost-effectiveness, by outputs? Or do we measure the inputs: the coaches and supervisors themselves, for their level of training and development? Do we define, measure and refine that “something” that influences the way they interact with, and contribute to the world, that human element beyond training?
We are suggesting the latter – we are daring to suggest that the level of cognitive and social-emotional development of the coach dictates more than just their coaching efficacy.

We are stating categorically that adult development, as exposed by Constructed Development Theory defines both eligibility to be a coach and the appropriate client group of the coach. We advocate the vertical development of the coach as a prerequisite to operating as a coach using the Coaching 2.0 framework. This is supported by doctoral research into levels of adult development and coaching efficacy by Dr Darren Stevens.

In the image below, you can see four profiles (using the Identity Compass tool and the Awareness Quotient scale) of four prominent coaches from other associations. In essence, their construction of selves amounts to habituated patterns of thinking that demonstrate a complete lack of self-awareness and a reliance on taught coaching methods. This is a systemic failure of epic proportions, and it is missed by the main coaching bodies.

CogniLibro is a member of the CDT Institute which aims to rectify the problem of low level coaches by creating a development framework of efficacy for all its members. And it begins with Coaching 2.0!

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