Upcoming Conference Talks

10th March 2022 - The BPS Coaching Event in Wales

In this conference, Dr Stevens will introduce the Coaching 2.0 framework to the British Psychological Society's Coaching audience and demonstrate how previous generational coaching is not enough in a more complex world.


6th May, 2022 - The Association for Coaching Live Event

This will be a one-day live event online in May where participants will get to build on the principles and ideas around Coaching 2.0 introduced by Dr Stevens in his October 2021 talk. If you want to learn more and be immersed in the vertical development, click the image to go to the conference site.

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In CDT terms, the list below is a simple descriptor of how aware a Coach is of their capacity to construct their thinking in the moment. This impacts their coaching ability.

  • AQ5 - Self-Unaware - What happens when this person is a coach?
  • AQ6 - Cultural Unaware
  • AQ7 - Cultural Aware - How is it different to this person? Is culture more important to this Coach?
  • AQ8 - Self-Aware - What does a Coach look like when the client is capable of constructing herself at will? Is it a positive experience for her client?
  • AQ9 - Self-Constructing - Is this person really running things or is he thinking about global issues and his legacy?
  • AQ10 - Construct Aware - No one is at this level. But it would be great to meet a Coach who is close.

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