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Thursday 26th May - The European Mentoring & Coaching Council

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In CDT terms, the list below is a simple descriptor of how aware a Coach is of their capacity to construct their thinking in the moment. This impacts their coaching ability.

  • AQ5 - Self-Unaware - What happens when this person is a coach?
  • AQ6 - Cultural Unaware
  • AQ7 - Cultural Aware - How is it different to this person? Is culture more important to this Coach?
  • AQ8 - Self-Aware - What does a Coach look like when the client is capable of constructing herself at will? Is it a positive experience for her client?
  • AQ9 - Self-Constructing - Is this person really running things or is he thinking about global issues and his legacy?
  • AQ10 - Construct Aware - No one is at this level. But it would be great to meet a Coach who is close.

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