Destination 7

To cite an axiom, everyone knows that education is the key to all our country's ills, but only if the education is in the right direction. That would be vertically!
With a higher level of understanding, a greater capacity to think above a problem, and the specific goal of growing our cognitive capabilities beyond their current patterns, Dynamic Intelligence growth is a worthy goal for individuals, teams, organisations and even, dare we say it, communities.

With these things in mind, CogniLibro has developed a programme for everyone we meet. The idea is to recognise our habituated patterns, recognise them in others, and come together to uncover qualitatively better ways of decision-making for everyone. The specific aim of this leveling up is Awareness. The more Aware we are of our unconscious Intentions in the moment, the greater our capacity to make better decisions.

Imagine this at a cultural level, or a governmental level. From an Awareness Quotient perspective, we think a worthwhile destination would be AQ7. This offers the thinker balance between the important Cognitive Intentions and the capacity to choose which to use in the moment, in context. It is the point in our vertical journey where we understand the separation of self from community as a choice rather than an unconscious action. It is this junction between self and other that, once part of our Awareness, becomes the stage for greater understanding of our own habituated patterns, no longer encumbered by the external influences unless we choose to merge with the group psychology again.

From our experience as professional adult development consultants, psychologists and CDT specialists, we think this is achievable by the majority of people. From this perspective emerges the objective known as:

Destination 7

From the research, the majority of people operate around AQ6, which means there are a lot of people growing in their thinking. However, it also means that there are a lot of people ready to grow...

A lot of people think that meditation can help grow their thinking. As though sitting around and thinking about the thoughts that appear

If we cannot grow on our own, we must find someone who can see our patterns and help us grow.

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In CDT terms, the list below is a simple descriptor of how aware an individual is of their capacity to construct their thinking in the moment.

  • AQ5 - Self-Unaware - What happens when this person runs a business?
  • AQ6 - Cultural Unaware
  • AQ7 - Cultural Aware - How is it different to this person? Is culture more important to this leader?
  • AQ8 - Self-Aware - What does a business look like when the leader is capable of constructing herself at will? Is it a positive experience for her colleagues?
  • AQ9 - Self-Constructing - Is this person really running things or is he thinking about global issues and his legacy?
  • AQ10 - Construct Aware - No one is at this level. But it would be great to meet a leader who is close.

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