Vertical Development

To understand what vertical development is, it is helpful to contrast it with horizontal development, which is what we typically experience with Leadership Development. Horizontal development is about expanding your toolkit by adding to the tools you already have. You gain more skills, expand your knowledge and become more competent. These are tangibles that are easily measured and quantifiable. Consider communications training, dealing with conflict, and other standard Learning outcomes.

Vertical development, on the other hand, is about expanding your mindset — changing the way you think and behave. Your mindset refers to the mental models you engage when you are thinking - called Cognitive Intentions here - as well as your sense of identity. Vertical development isn’t about skills: it’s about transforming the way a leader thinks from a position of Intention and Awareness, which will impact what they do and how they behave. In vertical development, you pay attention to becoming more adaptable, more self-aware and more collaborative. This was harder to measure. Until now!

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Levels of Leaders' Development

As you rise to the highest levels of organisations, your cognitive complexity must match that of your role. There is a hughe difference between horizontal and vertical development.

CDT Leadership Programme

Our Leadership Development approach is uniquely different to those with which you might already be familiar. Give CogniLibro a call to find out how.

SME Development

If you want to grow your business, you have to grow your thinking first. Grow your complexity and the business will follow!

Change your Recruitment

If you are still using psychometrics to either recruit external candidates, or promote internal candidates, there is a better way!

Online Development

In these times of pandemics and lockdowns, everyone has to adapt to new ways of being. Whether that's universities offering lectures online, or us offering online coaching.

Leadership Begins in University

If you work in a university, you will be familiar with horizontal development. But how do we grow their complexity in order to prepare them for their actual future?

What Do You Notice is Different?

We do not take the standard processes you might be used to in L&D or psychometric testing as we have developed an entirely new way of dealing with growth in the work environment. A decade of resaerch and a doctoral thesis means you can be sure that your results will be equally as robust as our methods!


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