Martin Horn


Phone: +49 71178249500
Mobile: +49 172 7598929


Martin is a renowned Business Consultant in his home country of Germany. He is looking to branch out by adding the development programmes from CogniLibro to his portfolio, and we will assist him in every way we can.

Speed ​​in accepting changes, focusing on customer requirements and smooth processes without conflicts and loss of information – that is the driving challenge of the present. Only those organizations that find sustainable answers in structure and culture are up to this requirement profile. We accompany organizations in their development processes, not only with the introduction of new methods, but also attach great importance to the deep anchoring of values ​​and attitudes that make them sustainable. We support you to become an attractive employer in terms of structure and culture. Managers play an important role in these processes, which is why we attach great importance to promoting and supporting these groups of people. Through our interventions, we lead your company to improve organizational performance. The interactions between individuals, groups, technologies and the environment are included through the holistic perspective we have chosen for our advice. Because we take the needs of those involved seriously and include people as success factors in development, we prevent relapses into old patterns.