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Absorptive capacity is an organisation's ability to identify, assimilate, transform and use external knowledge, research and practice. In other words, it's the rate at which your organisation is able to learn. What knowledge and expertise is outside your awareness right now? Let's find out together!

The distinction between more common types of horizontal, skills-based leadership training and increasingly necessary, vertical, capacity-developing experiences for leaders is becoming more evident every year. The vertical development process must be vertical in both directions, or else it is a delusion – mere talking of a new talk. It is not merely a matter of developing ‘altitude’ or ‘headroom’ – a new awareness of contexts, uncertainties, and possibilities – a more panoramic view.

The Awareness Quotient measure does not merely result in a label we authoritatively pin on the client from on high: instead, the process invites the client to do his or her own leadership Constructed Development diagnosis, with the aid of an MCO.

The benefits of the AQ lie not only in the insights provided to both individuals and organisations but in the nature of the process; respectful, inviting and adult-to-adult.

The approach creates movement because it actively engages individuals and groups. Development to the later stages of the AQ cannot be taught from the top down or the outside in, but rather requires a person’s deepest motivation and most inventive strategising to blossom.

We actively support this absorptive capacity process, drawing on our extensive experience in the research, leadership and organisational transformation.

The scale on the left gives a brief understanding of the capacity of the thinking at each level of the AQ. Where other systems offer elaborate labels and in-depth descriptions, the AQ shows you what needs to change specifically within your thinking in order to grow vertically.

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