The Meta-Model Rewritten and Modernised using CDT

The Meta-Model was a decent attempt at helping people understand where the linguistic limitations of their thinking lay. It provided a framework within which we could listen attentively and offer small disruptions to our friends or colleagues when they expressed a perspective that was incongruous with their speech.

The Meta-Model also allowed us to uncover where the individual focused on process rather than complexity in their thinking.

Today, it has been completely re-thought out and rewritten as a consequence of the levels of self-awareness within CDT. Introducing the four pillars - Intention, Awareness, Choice and Response - to the whole grid has reshaped HOW we think about it, and you can now do a series of workshops on how to understand the new, more powerful message only uncovered by Dr Stevens' research.

    - Stage-based Statements
    - Stage-based Responses
    - If you want to know more, you're going to have to come to the workshops.

A brief example would be: traditionally, it was taught that when a person says: "I know what you're thinking", they are claiming to know someone's internal state, and the standard meta-model response would be: "How do you know I don't like you?"...

BUT the problem is, a person at AQ8 would simply never say this. They know better than to assume.

Come to our next workshop and find out how to accelerate your coaching, managing or leading using the most influential update to the Meta-Model since it was initially written down!

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