What is the definition of Developmentalism?

At CogniLibro, we think we need to differentiate ourselves from the myriad of personal, business, executive and holistic coaches we see advertising on Facebook and LinkedIn constantly.

The reason for this is because we are the next level up from coaches, and therefore think it would be doing our team a disservice if we simply used the existing nomeclature.

It is always necessary to create a new language when a new system evolves, and as Constructed Development Theory has emerged from the research into Stage Development and Adult Development, it was determind that how we practitioners differ from the existing groups is by focusing on how we know what we know about our construction of self, which is our Dynamic Intelligence.

For this reason, we focus on our Self-Awareness and cognitive complexity, which is our Vertical Develompent. As experts in this field and by utilising the new theory, we think a better monika for what we do and how we do it is: