The Foundational Thinking

For those interested in the research behind the theory, its efficacy and validation, here are a number of posters.

What is CDT?

What is Constructed Development Theory? A detailed explanation.

What is Dynamic Intelligence?

An academic poster about Dynamic Intelligence and where it fits in to self-awareness.

A CDT Research Poster

For a more academic understanding of CDT, this is a research poster as presented at various conferences.

ICN Coaching 2.0 Article

This is an article written for the ICN Coaching journal about the Coaching 2.0 framework.

An OCEAN of Meaning-Making

How does CDT impact existing trait theory and psychometrics? Click this PDF for more detail.

Does CDT Exist as a Conceptual Measure of DI?

This is the original thesis by Dr Stevens.

Is OCEAN really useful?

Dr Stevens has given numerous talks on trait theory and psychometrics. Here is one such presentation in video format.

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