The Constructed Leadership Programme

We create bespoke Vertical Development programmes that actually develop your leaders’ thinking! Using the CDT Framework, we can take a team of your top performers and stretch their thinking to the next level!

We have created this programme in order to walk participants along a path of Vertical Development. It gives an idea of not only what, but how one grows in their thinking within a business/managerial context. True development is about transforming the operating system itself, not just increasing our fund of knowledge or our behavioural repertoire.

The premise behind The Three Leaders Programme is that your leadership team or high level managers are exposed to three different Thinking Styles, three ways of looking at a specific problem from three distinct levels of Dynamic Intelligence – TQ5; TQ7 and TQ9. See this page for the scale.

We have two programmes: a 2-day and a 5-day programme that differentiates content from structure from a Cognitive Intention perspective, as it’s not about competence but our level of self-awareness.

If we normally resolve issues by only taking into account the content – the who, what, why, how and when – we will go round in circles and not actually resolve the problem: we will only address the symptoms.

We need to look at structure from a position of Intention, Awareness, Choice and Response. So by the end of day one, we will be able to differentiate between horizontal and Vertical Development, and recognise the importance of the stages of self-awarness as demonstrated in the workshop.

We look at the aspects of cognition that determine a result at three different levels of Awareness, whilst at the same time scaffolding the growth of the participants to see the actual increase in complexity, so they “get it”. We look at language, beliefs, hidden patterns of behaviour, and our world view in order to develop higher order solutions to the problem your management team has brought with them. This is how we impact their Dynamic Intelligence.

Our Value-Add


Using the CDT approach to cognitive development, we can determine your high achievers, those who would be on the righthand side of the bell curve of achievement in their role, and deconstruct how they think in order to Real-Time Model them.

Once we know how they construct their thinking, we can offer this as a path to development for up-and-coming managers or leaders.

Team Development

A new phrase being pioneered by Jan De Visch is “collaborative intelligence”. This is where we take the collective Dynamic Intelligence of your most successful team, deconstruct it to its component parts (group Thinking Styles) and demonstrate ways of increasing their DI with specific interventions for a qualitatively greater impact on decision-making.

Awareness is Key

Managers assume they can think. They also assume that logic will get them to where they need to be. Studies, including (Stevens, 2020) show this simply is not the case. We are aware to a certain degree, and sometimes we’re aware of our awareness, however, we often lack the capacity to think beyond our habituated patterns.

We need a More Complex Other to point out our patterns and disrupt our habituated thinking. This is where CogniLibro can facilitate your team development expertly.

Deconstruct / Reconstruct

In order to grow, we must first disrupt how we think right now. This is not that easy. Growth can be a jolting process of disruption. However, the end result is very worth it!

Let’s look at how your thinking maps to the TQ and then focus on vertical movement going forward. This is our most valuable value-add!

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