What if we told you you were hiring based on outdated conventional wisdom?

Each business is different, and so is every role from a performance perspective.

However, from a level of complexity perspective, roles can be more easily defined by their span of discretionary thinking. This is where traditional psychometrics fall short. If you want to quickly and effectively find the most appropriate candidate for a specific role, whilst ensuring they are capable of matching or disrupting your culture, you need to assess them on their Self-Awareness.

Our consultants will advise, configure and design a bespoke assessment based on Constructed Development Theory for your business that ensures the most appropriate candidate is hired. Check out the image at the bottom of this page for an example.

In CDT terms, thinking comes before action (behaviour). We go straight to the source of the candidate’s construction of self.

So, whether you want to project your employer brand and values, understand how candidates will think (not act) in a variety of work situations, or gain clear insights into each applicant’s cognitive skills, personality and potential, CogniLibro can help you to evaluate all of these aspects with a single, straightforward pre-hire process – all the while delivering a meaningful and engaging candidate experience founded on a decade of beyond psychometric research.

Here is an example of our system being used to recruit in Finland: