SME Development

In order to grow your business, we need to grow your thinking! As an Entrepreneur, you have got this far, but to go higher, your Dynamic Intelligence needs to grow first! From an SME perspective how aware we are of our thinking impacts the type of business we create. The grid below gives a small portion of a development grid for entrepreneurial thinking and how it impacts thinking about business, our level of self-insight, sales values, need to control, communication style and more.

How we construct our business is linked to our experiences in education, training, working in several organisations, changes in professional/occupational field and so on. It is more a values-driven approach, where success is intrinsic not extrinsic. A person’s default values are freedom and growth. This is a process managed by the individual, not the organisation, and to some extent, the world is going this way. As you can see, the Thinking Style for someone with this approach to work is going to be completely different to someone who settles for peace and pay with middle management in the NHS, for example. And it is this Thinking Style that can be deconstructed by CDT in order to grow one’s thinking vertically in order to make qualitatively better business decisions. This is why the Awareness Quotient tool is an invaluable guide to cognitive growth, that precedes your business growth.

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