Team Development

We create bespoke Vertical Development programmes that actually develop your leaders’ thinking! Using the CDT Framework, we can take a team of your top performers and stretch their thinking to the next level!

We have created this programme in order to walk participants up the slope of Vertical Development. True development is about transforming the operating system itself, not just increasing our fund of knowledge or our behavioural repertoire.

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We use specific ways of deconstructing the thinking of the participants in context to map their thinking to growth-based scenarios.

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Forget about forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. Those are yesteryear's ideas. Consider instead the level of self-awareness of each member of the group. In a team with highly-developed thinkers, one low level thinker can disrupt the cohesion.
We tackle the principles of high and low Dynamic Intelligence head-on, because it matters, regardless of whether it is difficult to hear or not.


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