Constructed Developmental Theorists

In order to qualify as a Constructed Development Theorist, one must go through the Awareness Quotient programme, or the Coaching 2.0 programme. This status influences your thinking in all aspects of your professional career, as your capacity to introspect increases. If you go on to complete the MCO Development programme for Executive Coaching 2.0, you will begin to see patterns everywhere. Below are a number of professionals who do.

Dr Darren Stevens

Darren is the founder of CogniLibro and the developer of CDT. He uses the new psychological ideas to develop large teams in large organisations, small groups in SME's and post-graduate students at university. His contribution to psychology is cemented in CDT and wants to spread the principles as far as possible, with his work being translated into 7 languages currently.

Sean Ellis

Sean is a curious explorer, forever seeking geese that lay golden eggs. He is passionate about finding ways to deliver self-sustaining value, and bring this purpose to everything he does. He has a mission of helping small and independent business to get off the ground and grow, and qualified as an ICF accredited coach in order to pursue this mission. Alongside his coaching, he has many years of Business Analysis and consulting experience under his belt which positions him uniquely in the north of England.

Joey Spears-Smith

Joey Spears-Smith works as part of Lancashire Constabulary’s Neighbourhood Development team, using his unique experience in H.R. Media & Engagement and Organisational Development within the Constabulary. With over 40 years’ experience in both the public and private sectors (including Lancashire County Council, BAE Systems (Saudi Arabia)). He’s looking to develop his knowledge further by undertaking a Master’s in Senior Leadership. His major project is to utilise Dr. Stevens' theory as a basis to measure the conscious choice of Lancashire Constabulary officers in their delivery of Procedural Justice.

H. Arne Maus

H. Arne Maus is an experienced management trainer and coach and works as a consultant to major corporations in industry and commerce. H. Arne Maus is known worldwide as a leading expert on Cognitive Intentions and how to understand people. He is training managers, coaches and trainers around the world. H. Arne Maus is the developer of the Identity Compass® system, and in his work, he has set his focus on measuring Cognitive Intentions. By identifying these unconscious preferences, whether they are those of managers, leaders, employees or even customers, a company can discover new ways to measure motivating and de-motivating factors in the working environment and to create ideal working conditions for employees. Not only will this increase workplace efficiency, it will also enable the company to find intelligent ways to reduce personnel costs. In 1994, he founded Identity Compass International, a network of consultants that utilise the Identity Compass® system. H. Arne Maus continues to be a member of Identity Compass International and devotes himself primarily to the research on Cognitive Intentions.

Dr Bernardo A Merizalde

Dr. Merizalde is an assistant clinical professor of the Department of Integrative Medicine, and Psychiatry and Human Behavior, and consultant at the Marcus Institute of Integrative Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, in Philadelphia. He has studied complementary and integrative approaches to medicine since 1979; attended Hahnemann Hospital’s Psychiatry and Neurology residency program and became Board Certified in that specialty, and at the American Board of Holistic and Integrative Medicine. He has focused his practice on mind-body integration and human development, using a multitude of models from his extensive experinece, including: Don Beck & Christopher Cowan, and certified in level I & II in Spiral Dynamics; Suzanne-Cook Greuter; Richard Barrett’s Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT), Otto Laske’s Constructive Developmental Framework (CDF), Arne Maus’s Identity Compass (IC), Darren Steven’s Constructed Development Theory (CDT), and others. He has published several articles and book chapters related to his field of expertise.

Jürgen Wulff

The world of work is constantly changing and poses new challenges to all those involved. Anyone who wants to survive here needs the right attitude, must acquire new capabilities and adapt flexibly to constant change, both internally and externally. Jürgen supports companies and people to follow this path. As a speaker he gives decisive impulses for successful change by bringing people and processes together. As a management strategist, he accompanies executives and companies and develops sustainable strategies and solutions together with his clients. He puts his heart and soul into it, with expertise and experience from 20 years of business coaching. Highly motivated and flexible. And to the point.

Martin Horn

Martin is a renowned Business Consultant in his home country of Germany. He is looking to expand his repertoire by adding the Vertical Development programmes from CogniLibro to his portfolio. Speed ​​in accepting changes, focusing on customer requirements and smooth processes without conflicts and loss of information – that is the driving challenge of the present. Only those organizations that find sustainable answers in structure and culture are up to this requirement profile. We accompany organizations in their development processes, not only with the introduction of new methods, but also attach great importance to the deep anchoring of values ​​and attitudes that make them sustainable. Through Martin's interventions, he leads your company to improve organizational performance. The interactions between individuals, groups, technologies and the environment are included through the holistic perspective we have chosen for our advice. Because we take the needs of those involved seriously and include people as success factors in development, we prevent relapses into old patterns.

Jacques Lacroix

Jacques Lacroix formerly worked in the private sector as an IT Senior Consultant, specialized in EDI, training people to get connected to Standarized Data Pools under GS1-Norms. He also trained himself to become a Systemic Executive Coach, which gave him the possibility to work independently and, due to his translation skills, to make highly valuable knowledge available in Spanish. He not only trained in new coaching techniques and applications, such as EmotionSync of Dr. Chrisitian Hanisch or the Identity Compass of Arne Maus, but also translated their original works into Spanish. Deeply impressed by the Constructed Development Theory of Dr. Darren Stevens and the Vertical Development programmes of CogniLibro, Jacques is now working on this new milestone.

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